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Recent Updates
I've finally packaged together translations for my extensions. This includes Buttons!, Delete Junk Context Menu, Folderpane Tools, OpenBook, and Update Bookmark. Each of the extensions have had their versions incremented by to indicate the change. Thanks a lot to all of the contributors at BabelZilla. If you'd like to contribute your own translation, please join their great community.
Buttons! 0.5.3 Buttons! is out. This release (and future releases) are for Thunderbird 2.0b1 and later builds only. The Label! button has been removed since they've added a Tag button which does the same thing. A couple of options were added and the icon graphics were updated for the new Thunderbird theme. Please visit the extension's webpage and the forum thread for more information. Thanks for everyone's support. (Version has a minor fix for Thunderbird 3.0 nightly builds.)
Buttons! 0.5.2 is out. This release is mainly a bugfix release and an update for Thunderbird 1.5 (and beyond). The most complained about bugs were the Select SMTP! button opening a blank window and the Delete! button not working in the message window. Those have been fixed so enjoy! An actual release with tons more buttons will probably be another year though. :( As usual, here are links to the extension's webpage and the forum thread.
Folderpane Tools 0.0.5 is out. I forgot that I had changed the behavior of the accounts listbox in the options window to hide accounts with deferred inboxes. It's back to its old self now. Enjoy!
Folderpane Tools 0.0.4 is out. You can now select Saved Search folders as your startup folder. Tested for compatibility with the latest nightly trunk builds too. More information about the extension can be found here. If you are having trouble using the extension, please email me or discuss it in this Mozillazine forum thread. Thanks.
Wow, I can't believe it's been four months since I've last posted an update. Well, here is Folderpane Tools 0.0.3. I've fixed the lost accounts bug and I've deemed it safe again. Sorry to all those who were affected by it! More information about the extension can be found here. Congratulations to the Mozilla Thunderbird developers for their release of 1.5.
Firefox Extensions
To install the Firefox extensions, just click on the Install button for the extension. You can also save the extension file by right-clicking on the Install button and selecting Save Link As. Problems?
Last updated: 2007.04.11
Allows for customization of the Add Bookmark dialog. The bookmarks tree can be automatically opened and elements can be hidden.
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Update Bookmark  
Last updated: 2007.04.11
Allows bookmark properties to be set to the current page's properties or to clipboard text quickly via the context menu.
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Thunderbird Extensions
To install the Thunderbird extensions, click on the Download button for the extension and save the file in a convenient location. In Thunderbird, open the Tools menu and select Extensions. Click on the Install button and open the saved extension file. Problems?
Last updated: 2007.04.11
Adds buttons to the Thunderbird toolbars such as Next! and Previous! buttons for navigating through all messages instead of just unread ones.
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Delete Junk Context Menu  
Last updated: 2007.04.11
Adds a menu item to delete mail marked as junk from the folder that you right click on. Optionally bypasses the Trash folder when deleting!
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Folderpane Tools  
Last updated: 2007.04.11
Allows for customization of the folder pane. Accounts can be rearranged and the startup folder can be chosen.
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No New Window on Double Click 0.2.3  
Last updated: 2005.05.26
Prevents Thunderbird from opening a new main window.
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Show SMTP Username 0.2.1  
Last updated: 2004.06.14
Adds options to change how SMTP servers are displayed. Adds SMTP nickname support and the option to display the username associated with an SMTP server.
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For questions regarding specific extensions, please click on the Info button of the extension and then click on Discuss to be taken to the appropriate MozillaZine forums thread. You can post any questions there and I or someone else will be glad to help.
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