If you're having problems installing an extension, take a look at the list of problems below. For an extension-specific problem, please click on the Info button next to the extension on the home page.
If you can't find the information you need, e-mail me and I'll be glad to help.
"Finishing Extension Installation"
If you receive the following message after installing an extension and the main window does not appear, follow the steps below to fix the problem then reinstall it. The problem has been reported to Bugzilla under bug #246687 and seems to be caused by installing any extension twice.
'Finishing Extension Installation' message
  1. Close the error message window and make sure there are no other Firefox or Thunderbird windows open (whichever you have problems opening).
  2. Locate your profile folder (Firefox/Thunderbird) and navigate to the extensions subfolder.
  3. Make a backup copy of the Extensions.rdf file!
  4. Open the Extensions.rdf file with a text editor (like Notepad).
  5. Look for a block of code with the name of the extension you were installing that looks like this:
      <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mozilla:extension:{GUID}"
                       em:description="Adds buttons!"
        <em:targetApplication RDF:resource="rdf:#$2OIIu3"/>
  6. Make a note of the GUID in the first line of the block. For example, the Buttons! extension's GUID is {a3ba6d6b-e8de-465a-b155-f87586e47039}. Usually, you can get by with remembering the first 3 or 4 characters of the GUID.
  7. Delete the block of code you found above.
  8. Now find a block of code that looks like this:
      <RDF:Seq RDF:about="urn:mozilla:extension:root">
        <RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:mozilla:extension:{GUID1}"/>
        <RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:mozilla:extension:{GUID2}"/>
        <RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:mozilla:extension:{GUID3}"/>
        <RDF:li RDF:resource="urn:mozilla:extension:{GUID4}"/>
  9. Delete the ONE LINE that contains the GUID of the extension.
  10. Save the file and close the text editor.
  11. Now in the extensions folder, delete the subfolder whose name is the GUID of the extension.
  12. Start Firefox/Thunderbird. You should not receive the error message.
  13. Reinstall the extension. | makeup reviews, beauty tips, and tutorials